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Steven Sonsino is our preferred speaker on Leadership

Steven Sonsino is our preferred speaker on Leadership, together with Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones.

Steven is a speaker with real-world experience as well as being a leadership professor. Because he crafts a unique message your audience can relate to, Steven takes care to make each presentation a success and by so making YOUR event a SUCCESS.
As well as providing what he believes are the most inspirational strategies and tactics, Steven will also get your audience laughing. People seem to retain more of the knowledge and are more likely to act on your message if they’re having fun.

Before his professional speaking career started at London Business School in the early 2000’s , Steven spent 15 years in the media business, interviewing and researching politicians and captains of industry. Now he shares that experience, as well as his own personal stories, the things that matter most to him, with businesses around the world.

Steven brings to your audience his own special combination of know-how, know-why and know-who. He have a wealth of stories and examples that audiences always relate to on a professional and a personal level: «Abandoning all usual presentation clichés, Steven crawled across the stage, he improvised and involved the audience and even had time to leave us open-mouthed with a video he made on the spot, specially for the occasion, deeply emotional, moving and symbolic. The take-home point? Simple but profound: Do what matters!» wrote Antonio Castro, Editorial Director, Infoportugal, after Steve presented at the QSP Summit.

Subjects and themes include:

«The Seven Failings of Really Useless Leaders» | inspired on Steven’s book; Don’t ask ‘What do I have to do to become an inspirational leader?’ That’s the wrong question. It’s better to ask instead: ‘What do I have to stop doing?’

«The Seven Failings of Really Useless Salespeople» | adapted from the above book, these are unvaluable insigths for the «marketing and sales people» on your team: that should include everybody at your company!

«Leaders Need A Sense of Urgency» | Inspired by Professor John Kotter’s book ‘A sense of urgency’, Steven Sonsino tells you how to get change moving successfully. Because leaders almost always foul up when they’re leading change.

«3 Lessons Your Personal Leadership Brand Can Learn from Your Corporate Brand»

«Boost Your Leadership Success – Even During a Recession »

Steven, like us, is also a huge fan of the «Monkey Management» concept.

You can find more information about Steven here: http://stevensonsino.com. Please, do not forget to mention www.execeducation.biz in your first contact, and you will get Steven’s even more special attention.

If you prefer, we will be delighted to help you hiring Steven for your next event. Please contact us.

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So you have been (gently) asked to organize the next event for your company? If you need, we will be very happy to help you (more on this, soon).


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