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IMD: BOT – Building On Talent: Powering the next generation of managers

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Aims: You are a talented young manager. You want more responsibility. But can you deliver results under pressure? Do you understand other business functions well enough to weigh the priorities into your decisions and projects? Are you a true team player who knows when to lead and when to step back? The programme prepares you for your next career move. It teaches you how to create value by working across divisions and functions. You will become a more effective leader, project manager and team player. You will learn how to diagnose and observe, when to direct and when to follow and how to motivate the people around you. And you will gain the confidence, when facing ambiguity, to define a course of action and stay with it.
Participants: [U+] High-potential managers early in their careers, generally 5 to 10 years in business, ready to move to a higher management level and gain a wider international perspective. Participants are typically functional experts and managers of a function or project.
Duration: 4 weeks modular; module 1 = 2 weeks; inter module = 2 to 3 months; module 2 = 2 weeks
Frequency: 3 times a year
Next session: (module 1 = 07 February – 18 February & module 2 = 16 May -– 27 May, 2011); further sessions: (module 1 = 06 – 17 June & module 2 = 05 – 16 September, 2011); (module 1 = 26 September – 07 October, 2011 & Module 2 = 16 – 26 January, 2012)
Fees: CHF 26,500 (+/- EUR 19,875)

Sharing the experience: * You may want to contact a recent Portuguese participant in the programme of your interest. For this purpose please contact us.

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