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TRANSITION SPECIFIC PROGRAMMES (General Management Programmes)

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Better known under the generic umbrella «General Management Programmes», transition specific programmes are designed to help leaders succeed at different transition stages in their career.

Those programmes follow the natural path of an executive’s career:

In the first instance, people come from university and are recruited into a team contributor role.

Based on their performance, they are sooner or later promoted to a first leadership role: leading a team. At this point, they need to shift the way they succeed from getting results through their personal contribution to doing this through the work of others.

They are then promoted to the next level: to be the leader of several team leaders, sometimes as a functional head. At this level, the challenge increases further: they need to lead people as smart as they are or sometimes smarter than themselves and often people that know more than they do.

The next promotion brings another requirement: as leader of leaders, they must now understand and anticipate the impact of their actions on the success of the company as a whole and on the other main departments or functions within the company.

If they still succeed, they will be soon promoted to a general management role, leading a business or the company.

For a few, the final transition comes at the moment that they are promoted to be the leader of a significant company on a national or international scale. They now need to become a Global Leader.

In summary, you will find 3 broad categories of transition-specific programmes:

TRANSITION From Team Member to People Manager (more)

TRANSITION From Functional Head to General Manager (more)

TRANSITION From General Manager to Global Executive (more)

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