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Aims: This intensive three-day workshop, taught by one of the world’s best faculty on negotiation, Ingemar Dierickx, is designed to sharpen participants’ negotiating skills, to help them understand some of their own “bad habits”, and to enable them to play the negotiating game with greater confidence and superior tactical finesse. By attending this programme, you will learn to: Master price negotiations; Structure complex package deals; Identify opportunities to create value in deals; Manage long-term business relations; Build up a personal repertoire of effective moves to deal with aggressive challenges on a single issue (such as fees, etc.)
Participants: [T / F] this programme will benefit anyone in the management arena, as negotiations play a role in the successful completion of all business deals. Professionals in mergers and acquisitions, structured finance, or project finance, the legal profession, etc. will especially benefit from the program. Participants wishing to enroll in the program should have experience in actual negotiations, for both their own benefit and the benefit of other participants. l.
Duration: 3 days 
Frequency:  twice a year
Next session: 11 – 13 April  2011 | Amsterdam; further session: 26 – 28 October 2011
Fees: EUR 3,700

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