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Stephen Carver is our preferred speaker on Project Management

Stephen Carver is our preferred speaker on Project Management.

He is on the faculty at Cranfield Management School where he teaches on the open enrolment programme on project management: «Leading Successful Projects and Programmes in Fast Changing Environments» (go »»).

Stephen is widly recognized as one of the most dynamic and fun speaker on the difficult and often boring theme of project management: «Those who attended this year’s Agile Business Conference were treated to a phenomenal keynote presentation from Cranfield’s Stephen Carver who brought to life the problems faced by project and, separately, programme managers through an extended analogy with flight. The session integrated Battle of Britain strategy featuring an analogue intranet for the first time!, with the ups and downs of commercial airliners and Stephen even got delegates making their own paper aircraft for an ‘end-of-session’ flight test.» wrote Tim Difford on his blog «one greener day» (go »» )

Here are some of the speeches and related issues, Stephen most often presents:

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN | Projects vs. Programmes;  Complexity;  Leadership in Difficult Times; Managing Uncertainty;  Dynamic Environments; Strategic Visioning
THE SHUTTLE CASE | Importance of Real Communication; Relationships in Project Outsourcing; Keeping Organisational Learning Alive; Dangers of Group Thinking.
BRITISH CLIPPERS|  Plan then Do;  Stakeholder Management;  From Ideas to Reality; Enthusiasm vs. Planning.
THE DAVY CASE | Project Risk Management; Contract Awareness; Power of Personality; Cash is King; Exit Planning.
1066 – THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS |  Leadership Styles;  Risk Appetite; Building Alliances; Project vs. Business;  Learning from the Past; Management of Luck.

Stephen, as we do, likes to use the BELBIN test for assessing how well your team is working together. And is also a huge fan of the «Monkey Management».

You can find more information about Stephen here: http://www.som.cranfield.ac.uk/som/p1308/People/Faculty/Academic-Faculty-Listing-A-Z/Last-Name-C/Stephen-Carver

If you prefer, we will be delighted to help you hiring Stephen for your next event. Please contact us.

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