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LBS: Proteus – Inspiring leaders through creative encounters

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Aims: An unconventional leadership development programme, where you will get to challenge your ideas and assumptions, whilst getting the space to expand your mental horizons and rethink the future and your legacy for yourself and your organisation. Proteus brings together a handpicked group of the world’s most open-minded and inquisitive industry leaders. Proteus is focused around your role as a leader and designed around six key themes: Human Design, Global Development, Scientific Discovery, The Creative Spirit, Transformational Leadership and Biography and destiny
Participants: [V / S] This leadership programme is only for the most open-minded and inquisitive top professionals.  If you are a leader at or near the peak of your career, or at a significant career transition point, you will benefit from the Proteus experience. Leaders attracted to experimenting with new ideas, experiences and perspectives will find that Proteus offers time and space to consider connections between the programme themes and their own situation. Proteus participants are: top professionals and leaders from all over the world; from all spheres of business, the professions and public service; at mid – late career stages. They are also: open minded explorers; people who love to learn and experience new things; change agents; people who want to make a difference and leave a lasting mark; reflectors; people who want to consider the deeper ethical and social implications of their roles and their business objectives.
Duration: 6 days
Frequency:  once a year
Next session: 5 – 11 June 2011
Fees: GBP 9,950 (+/- EUR 11,700)

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