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LBS: ELP – Emerging Leaders Programme: High potential to high performer

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Aims: to have a direct impact on your behaviour in the workplace. The transition to a first leadership role requires that you move from making an individual contribution to creating results through inspiring others to higher performance. To help this transition and to ensure you create the necessary impact, this executive development programme gives you a broader strategic understanding of the business, greater self-awareness and the enhanced personal skills to make things happen.
Participants: [U+] Typically, participants have between five and ten years of work experience, and less than five years of management experience. The programme attracts a dynamic and energetic group of emerging leaders who want to drive their organisation forward. You’ll join a group of high potential technical or functional specialists who are in, or about to take on their first management role.
Duration: 3 weeks modular; module 1 = 2 weeks; inter modules = 6 weeks; module 2 = 1 week 
Frequency:  twice a year
Next session: (module 1= 22 May – 03 June & module 2 = 24 – 29 July 2011); further sessions: (module 1 = 16 – 28 October & module 2 = 04 – 10 December 2011)
Fees: GBP 12,850 (+/- EUR 15,150); with accommodation included the cost is GBP 14,950 (+/- EUR 17,600).
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