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Aims: Designed to drive corporate performance by creating indispensable leaders, the Advanced Management Program transforms the way global executives think, manage, and solve problems. Senior executives prepare for organizational transformation by learning to lead responsibly, ethically, and strategically. Through self-assessment and reflection, AMP participants look beyond the horizon and formulate a proactive, competitive strategy. This executive education program nurtures new skills to drive innovation and enhance synergies at all levels of the organization.
Participants: [V / S] AMP is designed for an elite group of senior executives who are proven business leaders. Successful applicants will hold leadership positions one or two levels from the CEO, and will be identified by their sponsors as a key part of the company’s succession plan. An ideal candidate for AMP is: a member of the executive committee; the head of a major business unit; a senior functional head or a senior member of the operating group
Duration: 8 weeks
Frequency: twice a year
Next sessions: April 4 – May 27, 2011; further session: September 5–October 29, 2011
Fees: USD 64,000 (+/-EUR  48,000 )

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