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Do you REALLY want to take a programme at a world-class Business School? If you are serious about making this investment, then our service called «passport» will help you!

We will coach you to:

– clearly define your objectives and what you want to achieve;

– select the 3 best options of executive education programmes to achieve these objectives;

– prepare a «business case for the investment» in order to get approval and funding from your boss;

– sucessfully apply to the business school of your choice

– prepare yourself and make logistical arrangements before the programme starts;

– design an «impact plan» to follow and apply before, during and after the programme;

– implement follow-up actions after the programmes ends;

– estimate the return on your investment (ROI);

– get in touch with Alumnis in your region;

Interested? Then contact us to know more about our «passport» service, how it works and what are the costs.

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